com.am_.audioQuranUrduDownloadable_featured_small.pngThe Noble Quran has the ability to change the life of a common man, as the book is a collection of knowledge and divine. And for a common man’s ease, the holy book is available in different versions and easy formats.

Audio Quran is one of these easy formats, which you can access with great ease from online data sources. So if a reader is interested in a free download Audio Quran, then consulting these sources is the best thing to do.


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images1-300x208Schools have always been playing a crucial role in development of a modern living society. In case, before you get down to planning for a suitable school for your child, it is important that you know about them in advance. No doubt, there has been a huge count of private schools in Pakistan, which have been serving the most professional yet high quality educational services in market. But reserving the fame are the Roots International Schools Pakistan, which have been marking their name across the both domestic and international streams to earn the highest appreciation.

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Do you have a child who has recently undergone a tragic event? Did he/ she face several injuries which at one moment felt life threatening? Do you feel like the accident which took place was because of someone’s negligence? If so, then you should hire an expert child injury lawyer for claiming compensation against negligence! The law of negligence clearly states that each injury and/ or, personal or professional, brought by someone’s carelessness is compensable if the negligence is proved. To prove the fault on the negligent party’s part, you will have to hire an expert child injury claims lawyer who will guide you through the case and get you your lawful right.

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